Final Rating: 6.83. Finished 12 out of 266 entries.

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Animator: Luis Trebino

Description: A kid is asking for a police job...

Experience: 5

Time taken: 1 week


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Donald Marks:

absolutely love this idea, great work. I think some variance in their poses and facial expressions could help. They seem to make the same facial expression a lot.

Shane Annal:

Awesome work - very creative!

Yoni Audi:

Nice Work

Miljan Novčić:

Nice and simple acting choices. I like that ending is with a winking to a kid. It makes the police character appear really cool.


Good Concept But Lip Synch Is Missing

Leonardo Pereira:

Nice animation, good acting... Need a lot of work in the lip sync. But in general looks well


Great idea! I love the acting and the gear shift movement at the end!

Sahlav Fassler:


Evelyn Hernandez:

this is really awesome work, the shot is really emotional and alive.
differently a shot I would continue polishing to throw in a reel.

Leon Lawdumrongwong:

I really like your story behind this shot. I feel like having the policeman go back to the same big smile after every phrases he said is a little repetitive. Maybe you can vary them out a little. Great work!!!