Final Rating: 3.97. Finished 100 out of 192 entries.

531 views including the voting period.


Animator: BadArt

Description: he lay in dirt, and doesn't want to change it himself.

Experience: ~ 1 year

Time taken: 12 days


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Anais Larocque:

I love the character's attitude and his poses, but it's not smooth and I don't understand if he's talking to himself at the end, because his mouth is open and seems to move...

Forrest Stull:

Very nice smooth and accurate movement, but I don't quite see how it fits with the audio clip


The animation seems well done but, is he talking to himself?. You should have donde something with the other voice, at least with the noise of things falling down.

Karl Bernhardt:

some nice poses here. watch the wrists for too much twist ect. also get it in spline!

Tara Howard:

acting is confusing and slow.

Brian W.:

Good acting.