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Escalating Conversations

by John Tyson

Final Rating: 4.08. Finished 91 out of 192 entries.

537 views including the voting period.


Animator: John Tyson

Description: A man airs out his frustrations and gets a lot more than he bargained for.

Experience: A few classes in college

Time taken: 10.5 hours over a period of 2 weeks


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Pay attention to the timing with the character 2 (second voice). When he hits the glass and when he say his last lines. Those slow movements don't fit very well with the intention of the voice. In the pose when he say "pick this place up", you shouldn't cover his face with the hand, you shoul let clear de silohouette. Also care with the staging. Keep practicing!

Nathaniel Winckler:

Your body acting for the first half is great. Then something happened and it's not as convincing. It gets a little floaty and spacing isn't very natural. Again, your acting choices are in the right place, it's just the transitions to get there that need improvement. Keep at it!

Luis OC:


Ryan Hill:

Nice use of anticipation following into their key poses. At frame 165, try not to cover the right guy's face with his hand.

Brian W.:

Very nice. Secondary movements are well thought out and contribute to the naturalness of movement and expression. Even so, characters suffer from slight stiffness.