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Fed Up Food Truck Worker

by Justin Calder

Final Rating: 7.25. Finished 9 out of 192 entries.

2,221 views including the voting period.


Animator: Justin Calder

Description: A food truck worker sick of his working conditions confronts his boss.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: ~4 days


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Awesome acting, it look so real. Good job !


very stiff but good attitude

William Barry Eggington:



Nice staging and acting, I would have made closer the shot to a mid plane in order to see their facial expression better. May be when the father (I suposse) points towards his son, I would have added some aditional reaction in the boy cause he seem to calm at the end.


Nice job !
The left screen character lipsync seems a bit off,
but the global animation is great !
Love it !

Annie Iglesias:

Nice acting choices!

Samuel Couffe:

I really love your work ! I would maybe just add some blink ? But anyway I think it is a very beautiful animation, keep going !