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Bargain & Bailout Circus

by Trevor Merrow

Final Rating: 7.34. Finished 8 out of 192 entries.

2,139 views including the voting period.


Animator: Trevor Merrow

Description: Jambalaya the Elephant complains about the food at a third rate circus. The ringmaster is having none of it.

Experience: Just getting started

Time taken: A month's worth of evenings and weekends


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Niiice !
the man could be better from 190 to 215.
I love the expressions on the elephant, very funny.
From 130 to the end is the best part for me, even if he remains still.
Good job !

Ramsey Pierson:

Very good animation! Some posing work left to be done, but the quality of animation is really good.


Very nice. I like the concept and also the motion is very smooth! For improvement, I would recommend adding a bit more depth to the art itself, so the characters do not appear flatly. Also, with that brief background shot, it was brief but perfectly conveyed the location.

Tara Howard:

love it!!!

Michael Kristiansen:


Brian W.:

Wow. Awesome work.