Final Rating: 4.94. Finished 57 out of 192 entries.

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Animator: Dan Boot

Description: Lab rabbit pines for a better life to his owner.

Animated in Flash, frame by frame.
Trying thinner line work this time, then what I usually draw in, tell me what you think.

Experience: 3

Time taken: About 2 weeks on and off


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Motion on the man is cool. The bunny feels a little jerky and repetitive in arm movement. Animating some different gestures with the arms could work really nice for the bunny.

Pranav Uttarkar:

Respectable but how can the rabbit clean if he is in the cage


Haha, nice idea !

Ramsey Pierson:

I wish the last shot had some kind of emotion shown between your two characters. I feel like a big thing your piece is missing is interaction between your two characters, it could have been represented a lot better.

I do like the idea of the scene you've set though. Keep going.

Samantha Huntington:

loving this style!

John Tyson:

The rabbit doesn't seem to know what to do with his hands but the biggest thing is it's hard to see what the human is feeling. Give more frames to his expressions in the first part, it's hard to catch, and show his eyes in the second, it just looks like a mouth opening and closing.
I really like the movement when he knocks the equipment over and leans down in front of the rabbit though, it looks good.

Brian W.:

Entertaining and effective style. Very fun to watch. Keep at it.