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Sweatshop studios

by Ole Christian Løken, November Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.70. Finished 1 out of 192 entries.

241,654 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ole Christian Løken

Description: An animator works in terrible conditions, and feels like he is beeing treated badly.

Experience: 4 years and 6 - 7 months

Time taken: a couple of weeks off and on. the rendering took way longer


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Beautiful shot, good job ! =)


The winner! It's a great job. I love all the details.


Brilliant animation, Can be the winner.


Amazing 2d

Forrest Stull:

I believe we have a winner here! Awesome character design, excellent, expressive movement


Awesome !


Beautiful animation. Two thing. The first one is the coherence between the voice and the characters. I would reversed the roles. The lazy voice to the small budy and the serious one for the big one. The second point is the facial acting of the angry (hedgeog?). He seem so calm, even happy when the voice is really pissed off. But any way, beautiful.

Ramsey Pierson:

Haha, you stole my idea! I did animators as well.

My only critique is your second character is lacking a bit in facial expressions. He physically seems to show some anger/frustration, but doesn't really show it with his face.

I love your set design, as well as your characters. Animation is fleshed out and colored. A real performance. Bravo.

PS I see that luxo ball :)



Tara Howard:

Love it!

Ryan Hill:

Great use of balancing the left character's weight on the chair. Supporting himself by grabbing the back of the chair is a nice addition maintaining his balance.


Loved it.. awesome work

NeSung A. Lawrence:

the expressions need a little more improvement, everything is good.. :)

Michael Kristiansen:

Well done!

Andrew McGinnis:

ayy pixar

Brian W.:

This is borderline exquisite. Very nice.


impressive work, congratulation