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Best of 3d Tiktok memes

by Michael

Final Rating: 3.87. Finished 78 out of 130 entries.

446 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michael

Description: This might be an odd joke, but its just my respond to current TikTok videos. :)
Hope you like it.

Experience: 5

Time taken: two weeks


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Courtney Lynn Oberbeck:

The animation on the left is a bit distracting and takes you away from whats going on in the right shot. Its really hard to focus on two different shots at the same time. Blending them together and having them interact would make it easier to watch. Good job, Keep it up!

Joshua De'Mendonca:

10/10 for the up to date memes

Jean Lamy:

I get what you were going for but because they're both moving, it makes it hard to follow the guy on the right.

In a lot of TikTok videos, the person replying sort of "fakes" that they're listening and then they do something funny. So the teen could've look "interested" in what the guy was saying and then started flossing to be funny. Good one though. Just clearer story and faster timing on the guy on the left. The guy on the right needs a strong posing at F248 though for nicer silhouette. Well done.

Becerra thibault:



Silver Fickle:

holy sh*t mad lad doing a tik tok meme, if it were more expressive and cringey it'd be featured on meme review