Final Rating: 6.90. Finished 6 out of 130 entries.

198,734 views including the voting period.


Animator: Fiona Ho

Description: He might not be good at it but he is just trying to do what he likes.

Experience: 3.5 years

Time taken: 2.5 weeks


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Stop a bit too abruptly f344. Chin/jaw side to side animation too distracting, I would turn it down. good idea.

Keaton Towns:

This could be really good with some polish! Right now the motions are pretty jerky, but your poses are really nice!

Oliver Hollis:

Well done.

Jean Lamy:

I like this! The animation for some reason has a strange stop motion feel to it though. I love the story and the render in this too! :)

Kareem Ismael:

Great shot! Totally did not see the last bit coming. Great acting and lipsync. I think the headset was slipping though.

Benjamin ALVARO:

Your work is awesome, frame 79 I would suggest a full blink. From 371 to 384 the recline is a bit weird as the whole body move backwards, I would delay the head a little bit more. Great lipsynch !

Chandra Shekar Rallabandi:

hahahh! neat. Could polish a bit more.

Umasankar Gorantla:

nice and good animation but appears some floaty movements on hip

Kess Duhamel:

Lol I thought he did good! XD cool piece btw!

Sasa Lopez:

Try polishing more the body movement so it doesn´t get you distracted from the facial acting