Final Rating: 4.85. Finished 71 out of 137 entries.

358 views including the voting period.


Animator: Axel Bennett

Description: Boss wants Toxic to just sit down for a moment.

Experience: 2 years formal experience, 4 years self-taught

Time taken: Erratic work over the month


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Fun! Good sense of solid drawing and preservation of volume. The first camera zoom in is a little jarring.

ro crown:

Lots of what is known as boiling going on....that's where the char's features change from frame to frame without reason other than not paying attention to frame to frame scrubbing as it were....check your char's outlines of features that should not change from frame to frame...check your model sheets from time to should sketch your char's at various angles is what i suggest to you....these sketches should be on no less than 5 pgs...and perhaps 15-30pgs...if consistiecy is your goal of what your char's should look like from frame to frame.