Final Rating: 5.62. Finished 42 out of 137 entries.

427 views including the voting period.


Animator: George Clear

Description: An amateur horse rider is having trouble mounting her horse.

Experience: Student

Time taken: 3-4 days


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Katie Coyne:

I liked the concept ! nice one


Love it, Stop motion is my favourite genre well done



Aaron James Mongcopa:

nice technique.

Marnie Shick:

Props for claymation

Ian Wepprich:

I would have taken it in a slightly different direction but I very much like the story and animation you've done.

C h o c o b i l l y :

GREAT!! Pretty funny. Good concept/idea.

ro crown:

Am a big deal on character design.....these char's are very, very ugly and not on point of what is happening...........nice lighting then the animation of the moves are somewhat too fast and sparse for what the story of the gag is...we cannot tell what and why she reaches for the stool like trash can....and she should slip off of the horse if that is what your vision of this gag is................always think about the gag and the entertainment part of such....and is the camera view the most clear cut that it can be for the audience what some of us are saying to keep trying and hope to see you in the future only 5 stars from me.

tohid razpoush:

nice idea

Justine Tan:

Wow! You don't see a lot of stop-motion animation so this was really cool. The one critique I have is that I'm not sure what the rider is doing with the trash can at the end but other than that, it look great!