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Could you sit down please!!

by wanatcha

Final Rating: 6.89. Finished 9 out of 137 entries.

16,807 views including the voting period.


Animator: wanatcha

Description: The girl who want a concentrate her art and a busy girl.

Experience: 2y

Time taken: 2weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

John M:

Good use of the audio


Really like the jumping with how smooth the poses are. The lack of reaction and sheer disappointment from the painting character is hilarious.

Marnie Shick:

Sound didn't match

samuel choy:

The motion is good, what takes away from this is character 2 is talking and performing an action however it doesn't connect. It doesn't feel like she's the one talking.


would be nice to bring the camera closer

Olivia Tanking:

I would have like to have seen the girls face when she spoke, but overall the animation is super smooth! Very good.

Z S:

I feel like you could've pushed the impact of the other girl's fall and landing at the end of it some more. But otherwise, it's nice.

Elham Masoudi:

I liked the idea and the character animation

Daniel Gregoire:

Smooth animation and story. I like the scene set up but I think the story could improve with more camera angles and anticipation.