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please visit and review for me

by nattawut

Final Rating: 5.79. Finished 35 out of 137 entries.

7,556 views including the voting period.


Animator: nattawut

Description: please review for me

Experience: 1 year 8 month

Time taken: 15 day


(Commenting only available during the rating period)


Think some things could have been scaled up a bit or rather exaggerated a bit more. When Person 2 is asked to sit down, it doesn't look like she's trying. Either have the second chair be comically small or have it look uncomfortable to to in.

Also, Person 1 could look more demanding. While the voice is funny coming from a small child, a bit more could have been used to convey the authority in the voice. I'm also wondering what it'll be like for Person 1 to have her back toward Person 2. The former could be looking inside a chest, searching for more toys unaware that the seats are too small. Person 2 could look around the room, trying her best not to step over things. Something to consider.

Otherwise, it's looking rather solid in terms of motion, sense of weight of the characters, nice subtleties, and great lip sync.