Final Rating: 6.42. Finished 16 out of 137 entries.

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Animator: Cédric B

Description: (I had no proper ending, had to improvise)

Experience: Currently studying it

Time taken: Threeish weeks


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I like the use of light coming through blinds, ending was disappointing


I dont get the end

Marnie Shick:

Lose the tagline, otherwise great job!!


i like the animation and hope to see the completed version <33

Matt Jones:

Your framing in this scene is really well done! On top of that, your lighting effects and animation choices say a lot about your two characters' personalities.

Tara Langhorne:

I love the exaggeration you created in the facial expressions, and the movements felt natural. Having the one character strumming her fingers on the desk and rolling her eyes was a nice touch. Also thought the lighting was cool. I might strengthen it further by making sure the mouths match the dialogue throughout and adding actions with the trash can that match the audio. Nice work!

wajahath khan:

I love the first posing with the blonde girl with her hands clasped together, the action just feels authentic. Also love the wrapping on the desk she does


There's something unappealing about the first second, which has to do with the exaggerated facial expression on a realistic looking rig and the camera angle which frames the shot. While I get the mood you're going for, I don't think it's as successful as it could be. Pulling the camera back or keeping the shot of the Lou's second cut would possibly work better. The staging is great and love the little details; however, I'm lost as to what type of Person 1 is. I get either detective or mob boss, but I think a little more elements could have been placed to show what type of person Lou is. As a result, the text is at the end is unnecessary and takes me out of the story rather than be one of comedic value. Even if it's non sequitur, it should have meaning and some anticipation to it.

Otherwise, I think it's a solid piece of animation with great texture in the movements.