Final Rating: 3.95. Finished 106 out of 137 entries.

343 views including the voting period.


Animator: TrendyGk

Description: The Clumsy Sack tries to reach the weighbalance by using a trash can.

Experience: beginner

Time taken: 10day


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samuel choy:

Very creative using the flour sack. I see that you're doing the mouth shapes pretty well, I think opening the eyes more so the character doesn't seem tired and It would match the eyebrows better. There is a quick cut after "ahh yes" add more frames there and have a smoother turn for the flour sack.

Elham Masoudi:

I think the story wasn't strong enough.

Tara Langhorne:

Really like the unique story! The squash and stretch and overall movement of the talking flour sack was really nice and felt "believable" for the character. I might strengthen your animation by making the trash can and flour sack fall a little faster at the end. Nice job!

Jalen Connelly:

This a a unique and funny story! Love how the sandbag has a mind of its own. When the sandbag lift up the trash can, the falling portion seems floaty. Possibly have it so the sandbag hits the floor hard to show impact.

Justine Tan:

I like the story you have; it's unique and interesting! One thing you could do is to make sure that you hold the bag's 'feet' in place so that they don't float around, especially when it's pulling the trash can.