Final Rating: 4.54. Finished 86 out of 137 entries.

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Animator: Sonu Ashfaque

Description: I'm Doing Normal And Simple Act, This Is My First time Submitting This. I'm starting this shot from 25/11/2019 to 30/112019. Your Honour Sorry For Mistake. Thank You So Much

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 5 Days


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Sonu Ashfaque:

Excellent Love This☺️


The animation felt lifelike and I especially liked the overlap and follow through on the ears, however, the story was confusing because the two characters looked the same and the trashcan appeared out of nowhere.

Axel Bennett:

I like the way the ears bounce with every movement, that really adds some personality.


Focus on the storytelling aspect of animation. While the animation itself isn't bad, it's quite the opposite, it doesn't convey the story in the prompt. As an audience, we're left with a strange green backdrop on to of a blue ground plane. The setting tells us nothing nor do the characters. Person 1 and Person 2 are identical which only leads to confusion whenever there is a cut. If you wanted to improve this, you could just place them in an alleyway, but since that's generic, think of a more unique way to sell the story. Maybe they're at the beach, behind some shop looking for scraps. Or they could be on a boat fishing. Person 1 caught this big fish and places it in a cooler. However, since it's big it can't be closed so you have this large fish just stick out of it, dripping the chair with slime and goo. Person 2 is put off by this, especially by the large, dead eyes that seem to track him. There could be an over the should shot looking downward here. As a result, he's hesitant to sit back down. When asked to sit back down, he grabs onto another cooler or trashcan and empties it. Just something to think about.

Composition and camera work is dance at the end of the day. Look at film references and analyze scenes that you found to be interesting.

A minor nitpick would be the eyes. They could be more expressive with Person 2. Perhaps squint there eyes a bit more to give them more of a nervous feeling. Right now, they look lifeless.

It isn't bad but it isn't as strong as it could be. Decent work though.

Justine Tan:

The animation looks good but the story could use some work. Both characters look the same so it's hard to tell them apart, and also the second character doesn't really attempt to sit down so the dialogue doesn't seem to match the action.