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Almost a clean getaway...

by Zamanimation

Final Rating: 4.62. Finished 82 out of 137 entries.

432 views including the voting period.


Animator: Zamanimation

Description: A presenter is annoyed when one of the attendees shows up late.

- Using the Morpheus rig: http://www.joshburton.com/projects/morpheus.asp

Experience: Professional lighting artist with very little experience in animation, trying to teach myself :)

Time taken: 3 weekends


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Z S:

The reveal at the ending was hilarious! The animation itself was kinda jerky though.


The ponny tale girl moves to close to the walls

Deidre Messner Lash:

Ok you got me with the end there that was a fantastically funny reveal! The expressions are really telling of each character in these moments which is great. Some of the main character's movements felt a little too exaggerated for what she was doing, perhaps that was the point, but it didn't detract from your animation as a whole. Good job!

Ani A:

Awesome job! Loved the plot twist at the end, and the animation overall had a really exaggerative and cartoony feel which was fun. The main thing I would consider here is the camera angle just before she dumps out the trash. I know you wanted to avoid that sign, but moving the camera over towards her left would allow the viewer to watch all her erratic movements without a distracting cutoff.