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Jungle Whiz Loses Her Sidekick

by Chloe Hatler

Final Rating: 6.39. Finished 28 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: Chloe Hatler

Description: A jungle adventurer has fun discussing the wildlife of the area with her sidekick, until he becomes quite unfortunately paralyzed.

Experience: Around 5-6 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Hunner Burgin:

This is cute

Darren Evander:

camera movement from 230-231 feels jarring.and the movement at the part when he says "paralysis" is confusing.if you want to do "cut head movement" make it more faster and not slowly .and the hand should cut in front of neck not put hand around it. expression at frame 230 is weird. it doesnt feel like he is scared. explore more expression. and the blue animal at frame 239 face feel neutral,which should have been scared because of the frog.
And at frame 63-81,why does he suddenly stand up like he is suprised,the frog didnt do anything, it doesnt make sense.

Richard Adams:

The artwork is sooo polished in this one! Beautiful to look at. Animation is...very good, not quite great, a tad bit more smoothness in the movements would've helped.

Kyra Simone:

Nice presentation! I see a lot of these techniques in YouTube MAPS, especially the camera slide at 208. I always wish I could see more jaw, tail and head movement to really bring the character to life. Maybe a swish of the tail at 88... maybe a raise of the cranium at 191... Play with that some more next time!

Spriley Cherenfant:

The color palette and setting as well as lighting are superb, the characters have a great deal of emotion and personality.

Quinn Dickenson: