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Animator: Claire Denaux

Description: Dora sure has changed since the old days...
Feedbacks would be very precious to me, so please share some if you feel like it !

Experience: I am a student, I started 3D animation a year and a half ago at school.

Time taken: I worked really hard during the whole month :')


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Juan Solano:


Darren Evander:

love the crazed expression at the end.

Pascale Givron:

Original. Bouge bien mais j aime pas la dernière image

Kyra Simone:

LOVE this lighting and these faces. More dramatic pose changes and anticipation will help.

Margot Menendez:

I love your scene and the story here! That shoulder shimmy and the ragdoll frog are very nice additions. The lighting and coloring are wonderful, especially at the end with that evil grin. Great job!


The lighting is dramatic and awesome! The subtle actions like shrugging and this body shake on frames 82-98 add a lot of personality!