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Animator: Andrey Kolesov

Description: When you're tryna get the girl but you're litteraly made of poison

Wonderful Artemis & Apollo rigs by Ramon Arango

Experience: 9~ years

Time taken: around 11 days on and off


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Angelica White:

The animation looks really smooth! That tongue going for the fly is hilarious, love the story here.

Luis Toro:

Nice twist!

Ben Zingo:

the body movements all feel very natural, and the man/frog's movements in particular look great!
The lip-sync is on point as well, though I think the woman's acting feels a bit stiff/unnatural. The posing at 100 in particular happens a bit suddenly, is short, and doesn't seem quite to fit.
I think part of the woman's stiffness is how little her neck moves. A little more chest movement might also help emphasize her words

Kyra Simone:

Very subtle movements here.