Final Rating: 7.28. Finished 6 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: JiHyeon Kim

Description: Ha ha..

Experience: Student

Time taken: 2Week


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Juan Solano:

Beautiful smooth movements, i also love the lighting and scenery great job.

Hunner Burgin:


Aaron James Mongcopa:

Nice acting! nice rendering! subtle but entertaining animation! Top 3 in my books.

Luis Toro:


Ben Zingo:

Lip sync, eye blink, and everything seem pretty spot-on, but the tablet seems to be jerking and moving around as if you're trying to line it up with each syllable. A little more body movement, and a focus on key poses/key moments might make this piece stronger. Nice work!

Johanssen Gan:

Wow, great work though and through! Love the sass, love the secondary actions, Love it all!

One thing I think that can push it right into "perfect" for me would be: At Frame 190, the camera zooms out and pans into the 204 frame, like her head swipes to camera to show her and the bear.

Awesome work dude! Keep animating!~

Kyra Simone:

Smooth like buttah!! Love this character.


Love this one, and the swipe at the end.

Pascale Givron:

Original et bouge bien. L'ombre à l air bien placée

David Summerset:


Jason P.:


Quinn Dickenson:

your rig looks much younger than the voice

Anthony Monteagudo:

Really cute! One of my favorite examples of realistic animation I've seen so far and the relatability of the scenario also serves to further emphasize realism. Her movements were really smooth, and the follow-through in her hair was awesome! Though, I would have liked to see maybe a little bit more exaggeration in her expressions given that she is a child. Overall though, I really liked this one!