Final Rating: 6.20. Finished 33 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: Franek Rzepka

Description: This boy is not afraid of deadly creatures

Experience: 1 yr professionaly

Time taken: nights and weekends


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Tim Collins:

Mouth shapes don't quiiite match the dialogue at times, but the movements are quite fluid and the expressions fun to watch.

Lauren Campbell:

th.... that's a turtle, tho...

Ben Zingo:

It seems like the two characters were animated by two different people

Catherine Lachepelle:

Very nice, very lively character! Nitpicky criticism: although there's enough shifts on the hands (and very well-executed), they feel just a bit too stiff in between, especially as he's lifting his weight... But the shot is super nice!

Kyra Simone:

Hey... that ain't no frog! Nice poses on this big scary guy. This motion is looking good.

muhammet durmuş:

its turtle bro :(

Jason P.:

I love the animation of the TMNT!