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Animator: Juan David Granados

Description: I made a physical comedy, don't involving the lip sync.
I´m a teacher and use this secuence to show all the process to make an animation, from the story board, video reference, blocking to polish and a simple render.
hope you like it

Experience: more than 5 years but i´m a little rusty

Time taken: 3 days in just few hours per day


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Kyra Simone:

Nice scene! Make that timing a little snappier by exposing poses longer and settling between them with more inbetweens.

Anthony Monteagudo:

I love this concept and I am honestly surprised that I haven't seen more submissions with the frog as the main character of the animation. I think you executed the concept rather well though, given the challenges that must have come along with it, and the environment was stellar. The animation for the frog, in general, was quite smooth, I especially like the wave and when he initially stood up, though at times it did seem a little awkward particularly around from 90-120. The inclusion of the alligator was also cute and quite ambitious. Good work!