Final Rating: 5.87. Finished 38 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: Anastasia Ackerson

Description: A little Weasel girl intimidates a gopher with tales of a poisonous frog. Little does she know that it is real.

Experience: 10 years independent, 1 in college

Time taken: I'll be honest, I rushed it in 10 hours to meet a deadline


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Tim Collins:

Such fluid motion!! Around frame 285, his turn could be quicker and his shocked expression could hold for a few more frames to really drive the point home.

Juan Solano:

Amazing work i love the motion of the characters. Specially the small details like the squirrel shaking at the begging of the animation.

Anastasia Ackerson:

I think I did okay , though more work on it would do nicely

Catherine Lachepelle:

Great! It's a bit odd that the character is leaning towards the frog at 290-ish since he moved back in the shot before, but overall, the animation is appealing the intention is clear and the drawings are fun!

Darren Evander:

at the last frame,you should make the fat squirell more scared after seeing the frog.Its akward when the fat squirell who is supposed to be more scared by the frog just stand could exegerate the squirell fear by vibrating his body and make his expression become more scared.
Also watch the the beggining of the shot,the thin squirell eyes go around should focus it to the front so we the audience know what is the squirell doing(which is telling the story to the fat squirell).Also watch the proportion at the beggining,it keeps changing.try to make a model character sheet so it can be proportionate and always check every frame to see if its proportionate.But that aside,love the story and the ending,so good.

Kyra Simone:

Love the expressions and amount of drawings here. Watch the balance on your poses. At 143 this character would fall over. Give scenes a little more time to settle in.

Christine Valenti:

Nice smooth animation! Instead of doing a straight forward shot on character 01 maybe animate him from a 3/4 view.

Quinn Dickenson:

super good, the hair was a bit jittery in some frames though.