Final Rating: 7.05. Finished 10 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: Sin Shu Jin

Description: A young witch is working on her new potion, but the ingredient looks a bit dangerous.

Rig used:
Kayla Rig by Josh Sobel Rigs
Kit Rig by Fred Qiao

Experience: Student

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Ben Zingo:

The lighting and scene in general are very nice, and there are some nice expressive faces here. The lip-sync seems a little off/could use some more refining, and some of the movement seems a bit stiff and pose-to-pose. Staggering limb movement, and putting in some extra anticipation and overshoot poses would help a lot!

Richard Adams:

Beautifully animated, staged, and rendered. Lots of appeal. A top 5 entry.

Pascale Givron:

Original bouge bien la lumière change avec le mouvement

Kyra Simone:

Nice timing and environment!


The animation and transitions are real smooth and the characters are very lively. The lighting and staging are really good!