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Unlucky little girl

by mario

Final Rating: 8.25. Finished 2 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: mario

Description: That frog just wanted love!

Experience: Just student

Time taken: 2 1/2 weeks


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Henry Barbee:

Really funny idea, and well polished, visually. Some of the movements go a little fast for my taste, but with some more polish to the animation this would be a fantastic piece.

Vee :

The frog kiss is really cute

Felipe Moriyuki Murao:

the lip sync n the first 40 frames needs some improvement, the character closes too much the mouth.
But this animation is funny


Nice style

Kyra Simone:

Such pretty expressions. This one at 225 could go farther, with slower timing. When your figures 'drop', like at 111 and the end, remember that they have to bounce at least a little no matter how heavy they are. I think in general, you've got to give more settle to the end of the action. Otherwise, great, fun scene.

Quinn Dickenson:


Pablo García:

Nice tula 11/10


enhorabuena está súper bien!!!!!

Khoi Vu:

This is a great animation! The only thing I would have liked to see differently is to have kept the book entry example of the person falling over to stay within the frame instead of popping out and landing onto the next page. It looked fine with the frog's puff, but I think it makes the right side of the scene too loaded.