Final Rating: 6.12. Finished 34 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: vi ki

Description: Character by Josh Sobel
Frog by Alexey Bliznetsov

Experience: student

Time taken: a month


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Chen Seen Min`:

Love it!!!

Kyra Simone:

I like this energy! Especially that movement at 119. This is a delicate balance, but it could use a bit more 'jolt', as some parts get floaty. Even the head could move slightly more down with the eyebrow at 215. That bounce would give more of what I think you're going for.

Margot Menendez:

...I'm going to see that frog in my nightmares, I think. Otherwise I like your animation!


This frogs face will forever haunt my dreams

David Summerset:

Needs a bit of improvement on the timing and some animation aspects. But you're getting close. keep practicing and you'll be better soon.