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Animator: Tan Wei Lin

Description: Dana took her son to see the deadly frog and teach him about the knowledge of golden poison frog and say goodbye to frog.

Dana Rig by Gabriel Salas
Kayla Rig by Josh Sobel Rigs

Experience: 1 year as a student

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Catherine Lachepelle:

Fun animation! I would like to see without the lights, I feel like they obscure the facial expressions sometimes a bit too much, which is a shame because from what we can see the facial animation is pretty nice!

Ben Zingo:

an interesting interpretation of the audio!
The movement seems mostly fluid and very natural, but the acting choices seem kinda sudden and disjointed.
Love the little hand bounce at 48
the lighting/darkness also makes this scene a bit difficult to see clearly.
She's also cross-eyed for most of the scene, I'm not sure if that's intentional or not? If not, you can move her eye controller further away from her head, and that will help un-cross her eyes

Kyra Simone:

Timing is a little too even for a scene like this. Nice bounce and poses!

Margot Menendez:

She looks a little cross-eyed most of the time, but your lighting and scene looks great!

Quinn Dickenson:

She was cross eyed are the beginning