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Animator: Chatrin Samanchuen

Description: Charlotte, a middle school student, is spending time on a weekend to rehearse her biology presentation. She uses the Origami version of the deadly frog, as taking a living one to class may be too dangerous.

Experience: College Digital Arts Major Student, Sophomore year (First year into major))

Time taken: About 2 Weeks


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like the concept

Angelica White:

The origami frog is a really fun and cool idea. You can kinda make those jump in real life by pressing on the back, I think adding something like that to make it jump away would improve the story, though that would be a lot more work to do.

Kyra Simone:

Nice framing and expression. Tighten up the inbetweens on those motions!

Anthony Monteagudo:

I really like the scene setup, and I think the choice of character rig is interesting. However, having the character gesture at every line with little to no anticipation makes the animation feel quite jittery and stilted. While I think you were going for a more cartoony approach, I think grounding the character's performance a little and letting the cartooniness come through in the exaggeration of the animation through principles like squash and stretch would have resulted in a more appealing animation. Also, I would display the paper frog for a little bit longer, and more clearly, as I was initially a little confused. Overall though, nice work, this has a lot of potential!