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Autumnal modern Witch

by Juliette

Final Rating: 6.93. Finished 13 out of 149 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Juliette

Description: A young witch learning about nature.
Dana Rig by Gabriel Salas.
Frog Rig from the movie "Garden Party".
Room modelisation by Jeremy Vickery and Alex Mateo.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 8 - 10 days


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Good frog jump!

Henry Barbee:

Really good body animations on the frog and human. The human could have used more changes in facial expression though and her eyes seemed unfocused when looking at the frog.

Leonardo Pereira:

Good subtle movements. Lip sync need another pass.


manque de vie, shot pauvre et peu interessant. Le bassin ne bouge quasiment pas

Marie Dewulf:

so so cool, the poses, the spline, great job!!

Pascale Givron:

En gros j aime bien mais l animation me semble trop lente

Kyra Simone:

Nice bounce and anticipation. Amplify these expressions more!