Final Rating: 2.99. Finished 139 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: Bashir Massad

Description: Frog and Snake chat

Experience: Junior

Time taken: two days


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Johanssen Gan:

Nice incorporation of real life Photo with 2D assets and not making it look too out of place.

Some of the gestures are a but obscured, so while funny, it's not too clear why.

Good work! And keep animating! :)

Kyra Simone:

I see character trying to be pushed here. When you do puppet animation, move every part of the rig with each pose. When you design for puppet animation, make sure each limb can move like that limb moves and that there's multiple ways for the eyes and mouth to express. Once you have that down pat, work on how the puppet can squash and stretch so that it doesnt look like a puppet, but a moving thing. YouTube can help a lot with this!

Nastasia Boguszewicz:

The knife make me laught :'D

muhammet durmuş:

ahahhaha its funny