Final Rating: 6.04. Finished 36 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: Ben Zingo

Description: Blender 2.8 animation using the Eleven model/rig.
Frog rig and leaf from turbosquid

Experience: a couple years professionally

Time taken: roughly 3 weeks


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Catherine Lachepelle:

Awesome! When she reads, her eyes seem a little too down, maybe lower the head / close a little the eyelids. But that's a nitpick, the shot is really nice!


Nice concept!

Pascale Givron:

Bouge bien mais les dents me dérangent

Darren Evander:

really good,definitely top 20.

Kyra Simone:

Lovely energy and anticipation. Glasses and pigtails look a little floaty... give them a couple more frames to settle in.

Margot Menendez:

Oh, I love how bouncy this is! The frog animation is really nice as well! Towards the middle there, the pigtails seem a little static in comparison to the rest, but that's about all I can see that's off. Very nice!

Devon Diaz:

Great animation work. Love the movement included with the glasses and hair to give it that extra real feeling to it.