Final Rating: 5.42. Finished 50 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: Alex Reyes

Description: A little girl competes in a card game tournament against opponents nearly triple her age.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 2 Weeks (about 10-15 Hours per week)


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Tim Collins:

Creative concept! Lip sync seems to be a bit off, though. Also, I think the joke would land better if we saw the card he laid down, so we could understand why she suddenly left. Just a quick cutaway shot would do.


A little to dark?

Angelica White:

This is such a cute and original idea!

Darren Evander:

why does the girl vibrate at the middle portion(frame 317-366)its annoying and take out of the experience. and at frame 119,why does she open her mouth when the words haven' started yet? and at the end,the waving animation doesnt make is too fast and its timing is at the wrong place .try to make more spacing and fix its timing.

Marie Dewulf:

the idea is super cool !!

Kyra Simone:

Love this situation and character. The timing here is very even, which makes the character unfortunately come off as floaty. Really slam that table and leave it there a couple frames! Exaggerate par AA lee-sis! This will help put the character at the next level.