Final Rating: 3.80. Finished 117 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: Megan Whisenhunt

Description: Woman is young at heart

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 2 Days


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Johanssen Gan:

Nice incorporation of secondary animation with the lipsync, they DO make the character feel more alive. I think you can exagerrate the lips more by using 2D cartoon lips as reference. The lipsync feels a lil bit stiff.

Timing feels a bit off at Frame 180+, It might need more tweaking.
Animation could use some more keframes to not make it look too fluid.

Overall good work, and keep animating! :D

Catherine Lachepelle:

Very cute! If I may add some little notes to push it further:
- Sometimes the foot looks a little broken... Maybe it's the camera, but around 50-ish the pose looks impossible to me.
- When she lifts her arm around 240, her body should shift as it is losing one of its support.
- If possible, it would really be helpful if the frog could at least have a small moving hold / breath.
But it's a really nice start and coming off quite nicely!

Darren Evander:

you need to exegerate the emotion.when she say "can you say neurotoxicity".make her more estatic.Also try to fix the lypsinc.the mouth in your animation doesnt open too wide.You can learn about lypsinc from richard williams animator survival kit.Also you should fix when the head go down.its too mechanic.try to make more spcing(fast to slow then ease in).Also you can incoperate the eyelid to tell her emotion.eyes express a lot.and the handwave at the end is a bit should try to make it wave more than one time then put it down so the audience have enough information to understand.

Kyra Simone:

More anticipation, please!

Margot Menendez:

The movements seem too slow, especially with the hands and lip sync. It could use more exaggeration in the mouth shapes to get the right words across.

Justin Huffaker:

Good foundation for your animation, but I would work on polishing up some of the facial animation. Some facial expressions feel a bit stiff and don't move enough, particularly the eyes. You can make subtle changes to the eye shapes to better communicate the emotion you're going for!

Miles Every:

The staging is nice but there's a few things you can work on: when the character posts their body up it looks like their body is being stretched out in an unnatural way. The character would really benefit from blinking because the character staring at the camera for so long feels a bit uncomfortable. The head movements feel unnatural because it's being translated - feels unnattached from a neck