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Don't touch the frog, Tiffany!

by Lauren Campbell

Final Rating: 5.19. Finished 56 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: Lauren Campbell

Description: Tiffany and Daniel look at animals with Abeera! I didn't get a chance to do more than the rough animation but here it is!

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 28 days =(


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Anastasia Ackerson:

Love the concept! If it were finished, it'd make a wonderful piece

Kyra Simone:

Such lovely and expressive characters! But these scenes are a little too quick and the focus is all over the place. When you're analyzing the clip, think of what the audience should be focusing on based on the direction... in this clip, it's split between our 'Dora', and our frog. Since both can be on-screen at once, one or two shots is plenty.


I love the character designs and the flow of what you have right now! I wish to see a more polished version!