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Animator: Loïc Liénart

Description: Hello everyone!
I'm a student in my last year of 3D animation in Belgium and here is my participation!

I'm also looking for an internship from February to the end of May (don't hesitate to contact me :

Experience: Student - 3 years of studies

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Kyra Simone:

Good poses, lovely lighting. Maybe ease up on the different expressions, they seemed fast.

Abbie O'Shea:

The acting is really good, but the lip sync needs a lot of work.



Darren Evander:

some of the timing felt wrong,try to experiment to find the perfect one,beside that,great job on the acting and the poses.

Margot Menendez:

I like her body actions and the scene setup! Your lipsync seems a bit off in terms of mouth shapes, though, they don't quite match up to what she's saying.

Tyvan Deming:

The movements of your character are smooth and very appealing, and I especially like how natural the frog's animation feels. But, it might be even too natural, compared to your more cartoony character. The frog's animation is subtle to the point of understated, and I didn't even notice it on the first watch through. Maybe if it had a fidget somewhere in its idle before the jump then its animation as a whole would have come through better.

Jason P.:

Watch out with the lip-sync. You're missing consonants here and there and it detracts from the really nice body animation you have going on :)