Final Rating: 3.75. Finished 118 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: Gustavo Mendoza

Description: Just

Experience: 4 months

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Edwin Rodriguez:


Darren Evander:

the body language at the beginnig doesn't make is too much .don't forget to do what richard william say which is k.i.s.s.(keep it simple stupid!)and i dont think you need to add smear frames ,because it makes the action of the hand unclear and way too fast.when the hand is about to fall,it doesnt have the feeling of weight,and from this scene alone,the audience wouldnt know that the woman fall.when somebody fall,the hand doesnt become slow,when we fall our hands immideatly lose gravity and fall fast.i think you should learn more of the basics(like weight and body language)before doing acting shot.a good resource is the animator survival kit and acting for animation by ed hooks.

Kyra Simone:

The one moving arm with still body is something I usually point out to fix, but here it looks intentional and is very funny. If you want to play up a stilted character, big moves like the hip swing at 93 should have a follow-through like a thwacked car antenna. Keep that consistency and you have a unique style that works throughout. Otherwise, it's inconsistent.