Final Rating: 6.28. Finished 29 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: JunNing

Description: A little girl accidentally broke a frog statue while presenting in the Gallery.

Experience: Student

Time taken: 9 Days


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Aaron James Mongcopa:

cute animation. simple but effective acting. keep it up.

Ben Zingo:

Seems like if the goals was a cartoony character with over-the-top movements, the posing and movement could be exaggerated further. The staging/placement could also be exaggerated, if her movement were further forward (and to the right), to then further back (and to the left), this would help more clearly show her knocking over the statue (it's currently clear this happens, but exaggerated Z space would help us see the depth and staging)

Kyra Simone:

Ha! I love this characterization and all the expressions.

Quinn Dickenson:

Maybe reposition the character rather than just the mouth. It looks a little bit off. But very fluid animation