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Animator: Vee

Description: A nerdy girl talks to her dog about a poisonous frog.

This is my first time animating something over 2 seconds at 9fps. This was definitely a challenge but I enjoyed it! Still have a lot to work on though :)

Experience: I’m self taught for about a year

Time taken: A couple hours a day for about 3 1/2 weeks


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Anastasia Ackerson:

Keyframes would definitely help your animation, though it does look nice! Keep practicing!

Johanssen Gan:

Animation might benefit with an initial storyboard, I didn't fully get the story. Nice work on the lipsync~

Feels like the cut at Frame 90 is unnecessary.

Good work, see how others do their, and learn from them too!
Go ahead and keep animating!~

Darren Evander:

not ready.

Kyra Simone:

Nice 3/4 view at the beginning! Would love to see more drawings to transition between head movements. Film reference to help with swiveling the arms.