Final Rating: 7.65. Finished 2 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: camilo egido

Description: really fun audio choice

Experience: 8 years

Time taken: 26 days


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Ben Zingo:

the subtle touches like breathing feel really nice, the flies are a bit distracting/move strangely. I think bees might dart too and fro like that when around flowers, but I think flies tend to just whizz about in big arcs

Sabrina Foster:

What you have here is really great so far! I love the timing of the child's expression changes and his animation overall is very polished. The mother is also very dynamic and her animation is very appealing. The only thing I would suggest is adding more rotations in her hips to exaggerate the action line down her spine, since her hips currently look a little static as far as backwards/forwards rotation. Overall, your use of overlap and follow-through is really impressive and this is a very polished piece!


Really nice movement!

Alex Maynard:

Awesome :D love the kids expression and why is he wearing a pumpkin?? XD great stuff


I really like the smoothness of your animation, and the expressiveness of the child's face. I also really like how fluid the movements of the woman are. Something I might consider to improve your animation is adding color to the scenery. The bworn bag and the two characters are colorful, but everything else is distractingly white. I think some kind of Halloween decoration could also spice up the scene, and provide more context!


Great use of overshoot, slow-ins and slow-outs between your poses! And your poses are very strong and clear!