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Animator: Tucker Youngblood

Description: An interview

Experience: Some prior experience with 2D; only recently acquainted with 3D

Time taken: A little over one week


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Ben Zingo:

some of the posing feels nice, the hands especially and major face poses look good. The lipsync itself could use a bit of work, and maybe the neck movement could be more in sync with the body (which could also use a little more work to feel deliberate and a little less float-y)

Mahesh Waran:

nice try , feels a bit floaty though , work on in betweens and sub poses , thanks


I really like the range of motion that you gave Mery here. She's very expressive and her mouth m,ovements feel smooth and accurate. I also like the setting and story that you've provided here, I get a sense of what's going on, at least vaguely, because of the setting and the props, like the boom mic. Something that might improve your animation is making some of the animations snappier, a lot of the movements feel floaty at the moment.

Grace Weng:

Lovely animation! I think the raised arm's elbow could benefit from being lowered a bit, but the exaggeration on it is nice. Overall though, the fluidity of her motions is super appealing and she's very expressive, it was wonderful to watch!