Final Rating: 5.36. Finished 36 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: Raúl Ciudad

Description: Pencil and paper animation.
Edited with Blender and Audacity.

Experience: Started experimenting in 2005 with some times of inactivity.

Time taken: Worked intermittently during the month.


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Ben Zingo:

the drawings and poses are fun, maybe more focus on the actual motion/animation would be good though, adding in some anticipation, overshoot, etc

Alyssa P:

I like the character design and the angles! However, this is basically an animatic! I would expect a lot more drawings for this to be considered an animation!

Flora S.:

interesting poses!


grabbing the phone from her pants was a nice touch :) keep it up!

Athallah satya:

great acting love the phone underwear

Alex Maynard:

nice character! would love to see this finished!

Mahesh Waran:

this looks promising , even with so much less, wish i cud see a completed version :D

ro crown:

I like the actions from frame 354 and beyond, but this digs into the realm of creepiness big time.
Would give more than 6 stars if had more inbetweens for sure!!!


Great acting! I love how she forces herself towards the camera at the end! All that's left now are your inbetweens for more fluidity; Great job!