Final Rating: 4.59. Finished 80 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: Melissa

Description: We see a young woman trying to find a girl in the neighborhood to take care of her siblings so that she can go out for the night.

Experience: 1 year during Master studies. This was my first lipsync.

Time taken: 10 days for all: modeling of some objects, video ref


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The animation is really well done. I do think that when you changed shots it looks good but I think it goes a little too far back. Also, your arm swings overall are really well done but I think that between frames 286-294 The left arm lags a little behind and kinda looks awkward when the right arm reaches that bottom point, and then a few frames later the left one reaches the bottom point.


Solid start! I like the environment and set dressing you've given your story, but I think your framing and character animation could use a bit of work - the camera suddenly pans out for some reason, which forces you to do full-body animation for a scene that didn't really require you to. A tighter camera angle (like the one you opened with) might have been better for you story.