Final Rating: 7.22. Finished 4 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: Mikhail Nesterov

Description: Nervous mom talking on the phone

Experience: In total about 2 years as a freelancer

Time taken: 16 days


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Ben Zingo:

Really nice overall but some of the movements feel a little jerky

Alyssa P:

Amazing movements, lipsync, story, etc. I love it. I only wish the background weren't as barren

Alex Maynard:

Nice :D some really nice panto moments in here. i like the part where she checks on the baby before walking away. nice touch :)


Very nice


Great use of facial expression to further convey the emotion and strength in your poses! Your Animation has great snap to it as well! Great job!!!

Allison Cheng:

I love the dynamic poses and how the character moves around the scene. Amazing detail with how the character interacts with the stroller and moves the bag and paper. Awesome!

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Nice! Winner!