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Animator: George Toombes

Description: Karen can't take it anymore.

Experience: 1 year professional

Time taken: 1-2 hours everyday


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Ben Zingo:

the full body movement feels very natural, but it overall feels a bit bland. You could try really exaggerating some of the movement, expression, etc

Alyssa P:

i actually really like this. The movements are well timed and super realistic. Honestly I just think you need to add some life to the background and you would have a really well done piece here!

Athallah satya:

why does this feel mocapped.... like its sooo smoootth wth

Lily Maloney:

This is really good! I like that the character moves around in the shot and how the character leans subtly to show that weight is being put mostly on one leg. The overlap and follow through on the arm, it feels very real.

I think that your character could use more unique arm and upper body movements. The main gestures being used is the same static open-palm movement on the right hand, and there isn't any movement on the fingers for overlap and follow through. Using more unique finger placement and positions for each main pose and including some overlap and follow through on the fingers can really make those movement look even better!