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Animator: Daniel

Description: So, this is a little homework i did for my 3d animation class.

Experience: im still a student

Time taken: 3 Weeks


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Ben Zingo:

Watch out for over extension of the IK hands, and maybe think about leaning the torso, hips, etc when making big gestures!

Sabrina Foster:

This is a really good start! I think the initial leans that Mery does are really promising, some more movement in the rest of her body to play into those leans would really help sell them more. The hand wave around frame 120 also looks really nice so far, I'd love to see more of that follow-through in the rest of the body as well! I think it could really help if you keep the elbows on only one axis of rotation and use the shoulder to rotate the arm instead (in reference to the arm movement around frame 170), it's something that has helped me a lot. Overall, I recommend making all of the movements play back into the rest of the body (if the arm moves, the shoulder moves, so the chest, etc.) to break the silhouette and really sell the animation. Nice start!


i see you put a lot of effort into this. it does look a little stiff right now. maybe add some overlapping action to make the movement look more natural.