Final Rating: 4.02. Finished 112 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: Melissa

Description: I discovered the competition from a teacher in the college, so i've decided to try it, and this is the result.

Enjoy it! :D

Experience: Above 2 years in general, 6 months in 3D

Time taken: Around 3 weeks


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Ben Zingo:

there's a lot of "popping" in the joints, making the movement feel very jerky

Mathew Payton:

Nice job! I like the facial expressions you gave the standing character, it seems like they're really feeling the emotions of the dialogue. In some spots though it seems like they move a bit too quickly. As an example, their right hand seems to snap around frame 34. So I think making sure everything is in spline mode and that there's no keyframes too close together could help. And I think moving their torso a bit from frame 200 to 280 could give more life to the character. Good job!

Grace Weng:

I love the bounciness of the hair when the brush interacts with it, what a lovely detail! The movements feel a bit mechanical, but the posing is pretty strong. If you wanted to take the time to smooth things out a little more, I think this would be a very satisfying piece to watch.