Final Rating: 5.13. Finished 70 out of 243 entries.

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Animator: Leonardo Rivera

Description: Ash has to say goodbye to his friend Charmander and re-join reality.

Experience: Hobby for three years

Time taken: Roughly Two weeks


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Brandon Teta:

Copyrighted rigs are not allowed in the competition -- I think you did a good job on Charmander's lip sync, but I would like to see some additional expression in the rest of the face while he's talking. Ash also feels a bit stationary in the second shot and he could have a more enthusiastic or exaggerated reaction to what he's hearing.


weird pop on the camera around 226

Ben Zingo:

around 230, the camera cut, I think there's a weird in-between frame? Make sure for cuts, you're immediately going from one angle to another, no in-betweens.
A stronger reaction face at the end would also help sell the emotion. You can keep it subtle, but right now there's just not enough of a difference between the start of the phrase, him digesting the words, and then the emotion showing on his face. This is also a great time to add subtle eye dart movements. Even if you're looking someone directly in the face, your eyes will naturally dart subtle between their eyes, mouth, etc.