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by Carlos Schvepper, November Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.73. Finished 1 out of 330 entries.

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Animator: Carlos Schvepper

Description: With great cooking skills comes great responsibility...

Experience: 6 years (2 in 2D, 4 in 3D)

Time taken: About a week and a half


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great timing great poses great drawings needs more muffins

Daniela Salinas:

I love the incorporation of 2D elements in a 3D world!

Kelly Beaudrot:

I love the combination of 2D and 3D! Your expressions come across super well and I love how the face moves as if it really is alive! If I had any constructive critiques, I would say maybe alternate opening shots could have been used, as not seeing the face of the character until after she has already started talking makes us as the audience have a hard time connecting with the character as easily as possible. I absolutely adore this piece though! Great work!

Mathilde W:

wow <3

fang ze ran:

Very Creative

Hakizabera kevin:

amazing love it

Rafael Jesus:

Congrats, this is an amazing work! Super glad to see multiple techniques and her acting is great!!

Timmy Kwee:

nice one