Final Rating: 4.43. Finished 65 out of 144 entries.

81 views including the voting period.


Animator: Benoit.VINCENT

Description: Excuse me for the rendering, a little basic. I haven't the time to do the lighting...
Don't punished me for that ! lol

Experience: Four years

Time taken: One week


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Bethany Levy:

Some nice movement in there, but I think some of the key poses are sitting on the wrong inflections in his voice.

Eva Elmo Leung:

Ending lip syncing is not present, context needs more definition; maybe a background would've been more helpful.


I get that he's thinking the last line, but would be nice to have facial indicators like pursing lips and rolling his eyes up.

Jon Sheldon:

The first half is really interesting. I like the little head nod towards the end. The poses throughout could have had better line of action to create really nice silhouettes.

Blake Bender:

still needs lip sync


not enough time to finish ...hmm